Signs of a Damaged Roof Deck and Why You Should Hire a Pro

It’s important to properly maintain your roof deck. It’s important to keep the integrity of your home’s structure. Your roof deck connects your roofing system’s crucial components. You have to keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your roof deck to avoid further issues. To help you, the reliable commercial roofing contractor Sully Jones Roofing discusses signs of roof decking damage below.

Damaged Roof Deck

This article will list common signs of roof deck damage you have to watch out for. If your roof deck is damaged, we will also explain why replacing it is better than a temporary repair.

Signs of a Damaged Roof Deck

Your roof deck is also known as the sheathing. Your home’s roof decking is the wood above your rafters. They are below the felt underlayment beneath your shingles. Check these common signs of roof decking damage:

  • Missing or curling shingles

  • Loose shingles’ granules

  • Holes in your roof or shingles

  • Mold build-up in your attic

  • Roof sagging or rotting

  • Deterioration of your roof’s fixtures

Causes of a Damaged Roof Deck

When your roof deck is already damaged, roof repair is not enough. However, let us identify the possible causes of your roof deck’s damage. Adverse weather events can heavily damage your roof decking. Snowstorms, strong winds, and extreme heat can all affect your roof deck negatively. Water damage can also cause rotting. Excessive moisture due to your attic’s poor ventilation can weaken your roof deck, making it susceptible to damage.

Hire a Professional Roofer

Once you learn that your roof deck is damaged, it’s best to hire a trusted local roofing contractor. Repairing your roof deck is not enough. Especially if your roof deck is already rotten. If you insist on only repairing the damaged parts, it can be costly. Meanwhile, DIY repairs are risky and can only lead to more damage. It’s best to have your damaged roof deck replaced by a professional.

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