Specialty Buildings

Not all commercial buildings fall into clear-cut categories.  Perhaps you have a service-oriented building, a strip-mall or other specialty building that you own or manage.  Sully-Jones offers the same high-quality, professional services for your specialty building as well.

Services Offered

Not every commercial roofing organization offers quality services to their clients.  We do!  Regardless of your roofing need, we have the experience and skill to ensure the roofing project is done correctly the first time.  Our commercial services include:

Repair.  Sometimes a roof simply needs a good professional repair.  We understand that, and work diligently to ensure our repairs are complete and thorough.  There are few things more frustrating than calling a company repeatedly for the same problem.  That isn’t an issue when we manage your repair project.

Replacement.  Sometimes a roof is simply too damaged or too old for repairs to make financial sense.  That is when a roof replacement becomes appropriate.  Though admittedly a large task, our decades of experience ensure that replacement will be completed professionally.

We work on multiple roof types, including shingle, single-ply membrane and coated flat roofs.

We fully understand that a great roof job includes not only quality workmanship, but also premiere materials.  With that in mind, we prefer to use well-known brands like Owens-Corning, FiberTite, GAF and Carlisle.  These brands have been trusted for almost as long as we have!

Additional Services Offered

Due to the unique characteristics of commercial buildings, Sully-Jones offers 2 additional services for your consideration.

Tenant Improvement Program.  One of the primary tenant improvements you will come across is the addition or change of HVAC units or other forms of venting.  This can add or modify protrusions through the roof of the building.  Unless done correctly, these can lead to BIG headaches down the road for you and your tenant.

As part of our tenant improvement program, you simply advise your tenant to have us review any work done to ensure it is done properly and will not result in damage to the roofing system or your valuable building.  We couldn’t make it any easier unless we do the work ourselves!  Contact us for more details.

Protection Plus Plan.  When you select our Protection Plus Plan, you not only receive scheduled inspections, preventative maintenance, and preferential scheduling you also receive a 5-year labor warranty on all our re-roofing projects!  This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties you already receive.

For more information on how Sully-Jones can benefit you, please call our team today at 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110 and schedule your no-obligation consultation.