Tenant Improvement Program

Sully-Jones knows that building owners face a variety of issues when leasing to tenants. One of the most difficult are tenant improvements.

When dealing with difficult types of tenant improvements that affect rooftops, it is reassuring to know that you have a proficient roofing vendor who has a plan to help assist with some of these frustrating situations.

Sully-Jones wants to help. The most common tenant improvements we encounter are adding a new grease fan, HVAC unit, or a new heater vent. When the contractor performing the installation doesn’t know how to flash the item into the roof properly, problems can develop instantly, or they can become a problem well after the tenant moves out.

With our Tenant Improvement Program, all you need to do is inform the tenants that all roof penetrations must be sealed by Sully-Jones Roofing. A simple phone call to let us know that your tenants are planning to penetrate the roof will get the ball rolling.

Having your roof sealed properly is one of the advantages of enrolling in our Tenant Improvement Program.  Damage to interior spaces can become costly…especially if the owner was not made aware of the tenant improvement until the next rains begin to cause leaks and damages are incurred. Recovering the cost of expensive and even extensive repairs from tenants are another kind of challenge altogether.

Another benefit is that we will be your eyes on the roof. We will keep you informed with our reliable technicians documenting and reporting from the field with photos and reports from the Maintenance Department. You will have a history of repairs performed by Sully-Jones Roofing from the first call to the last penetration sealed on your roof.  This level of documentation is invaluable in the event an insurance claim is needed in the future.

Did you know…Sully-Jones also has a roof maintenance program that can keep you informed of any tenant improvements that you may not have been made privy to by the tenant?

With our low cost, scheduled roof maintenance service we provide photo inspection reports with every inspection. Again…we will be your eyes on the roof.  Check out our Prevention Plus Program page for more details.

Our highly skilled Maintenance Inspectors have a keen eye for problem areas that could potentially cause issues down the road. They provide simple recommendations that can assist in getting the best life out of your roof.

Why wait until you are changing ceiling tiles or worse…having expensive restorations due to serious leak issues from an improperly sealed roof penetration?

Give us a call…let us do the work.  For more information, call our knowledgeable staff today at 619-444-0150 or 800-611-3110 and schedule a no-obligation consultation.