The Consequences of Ignoring Flat Roof Ponding

According to roof repair professionals, water ponding is one of the issues that you do not want your flat roof to face. Unfortunately, there are many causes of flat roof ponding, such as poor drainage or snow and ice buildup if you live in areas that see snow. Regardless of the cause, it’s never recommended that you ignore it. Otherwise, you can face a few major issues for your building.

Here’s what happens when you ignore water ponding on your flat roof.

Flat Roof Ponding

What Happens When Flat Roof Water Ponding is Ignored

There are a few costly consequences to ignoring the water ponding on your flat roof. One of these is dirt buildup. When water ponds on your roof, dirt may begin collecting on the area and this buildup can lead to vegetation growth or mud cracking, which can damage your roof. Apart from that, it can also attract insects that can build nests in your roof as well.

Another consequence of ignoring ponding on your flat roof is that it can also cause the premature deterioration of your commercial roofing membranes, flashings and coatings. This in turn can cause leaks around your building, which could compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

What You Can Do About Flat Roof Ponding

As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your flat roof remains in top shape. To do this, you need to keep up with the roof’s regular maintenance procedures every now and then. However, you shouldn’t try to maintain the roof on your own; instead, be sure to contact a professional to inspect your roof every now and then so any flat roof ponding caused by drainage issues can be rectified immediately.

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