The Importance of Having a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Commercial roofing systems are notoriously leak-prone. That’s why they need to undergo routine roofing inspections and maintenance. To keep track of your roof’s condition, most commercial roofing contractors would recommend developing a commercial roof inspection and roof maintenance plan.


What are the advantages of having a commercial roof inspection and maintenance plan? And what are its components?

Commercial Roof Maintenance


The Advantages of Having a Commercial Roof Inspection and Maintenance Plan


Water tends to pond on commercial roofing systems because of their low slopes, increasing the risk of roof leaks. Through routine inspections, contractors can detect the early warning signs of roofing damage and conduct roof repair work before relatively minor roofing issues affect other parts of your building. Not to mention a roof maintenance plan will help ensure your roof remains under warranty or covered by your insurance policy. Remember: Failure to properly maintain, or any negligence on the building owner’s part for that matter, can void your insurance policy.


The Essential Components of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan


Some of the essential components of a roof maintenance plan are:


  • Roofing file – A roofing file contains important info such as your roof’s dimensions, previous inspection reports and your warranty info. A complete and detailed roofing file will help you keep track of your roof’s maintenance.

  • A roof maintenance schedule – A standard roof warranty usually requires at least one roofing inspection every year, although this can increase depending on your area’s climate.

  • Roof access control – This is usually required for larger buildings. Foot traffic can shorten your roof’s lifespan, which is why access to the building’s rooftop should be restricted.


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