Understanding Roof Blisters and How to Deal With Them

The best way to keep your roof effective in protecting your home is to follow regular maintenance checks and address minor issues. This is to prevent the damage from spreading and becoming a more costly roof repair, but not all can be easily fixed. Some types of damage, such as roof blisters, are caused by certain factors that need to be addressed properly to prevent future damage and unwanted repair costs.

Roof Blisters

Understanding the Causes of Roof Blisters

  • Inadequate Installation – If the adhesive under the shingles isn’t applied correctly due to poor installation, the moisture can get underneath, accumulate and evaporate over time. This causes shingles to blister along with other types of roof damage.

  • Trapped Moisture – Moisture can also get trapped during the manufacturing process then evaporate when exposed to sunlight. When this happens, the shingles get heated and cause blisters. This won’t immediately affect asphalt shingle lifespan as long as the shingle granules are mostly intact, but if some have popped, they’ll need a replacement because they’re already exposed to the elements.

Addressing the Damage

If there’s already evidence of blister damage on the shingles, it’s strongly recommended not to walk on the roof’s surface unless it’s necessary. The only way to address your blistered roof is to replace the affected shingles, which should be done by an experienced professional in commercial roofing and residential roof repair. Going up there yourself without any safety equipment means you’ll risk popping the blisters.

Preventive Measures to Consider

Your current roofing system can still be saved if the blisters are only affecting a small area of the surface. They can be prevented through routine maintenance by a trusted roofer, as they can address the blisters properly along with any other type of damage your roof has already sustained. A full replacement is also a good choice if you want to completely remove the blisters on your roof. Just make sure that you work with a trusted professional for the job!

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