What Happens if You Ignore Ponding on a Flat Roof?

Ponding is a common issue on flat roofs, and it often occurs after heavy rains, storms or snow. Flat roofing tends to be more vulnerable to this problem simply because it features a slight slope, which can make it more challenging to drain water. This can result in ponding, a condition when water collects on your roof’s surface for hours or days.

Ponding Flat Roof


In this post, commercial roofing expert Sully Jones Roofing discusses the possible consequences of ignoring ponding on a flat roof.

Effects of Ponding

Ponding can lead to a number of roofing problems such as:

  • Premature deterioration of the roof membrane, coatings and flashings

  • Reduced effectiveness of the adhesives used in making field-fabricated single-ply laps

  • An increased risk of UV exposure, which can make your roof vulnerable over time

  • Dirt buildup, pest infestation, vegetation growth and mud cracking

Experts recommend performing roof repair as soon as possible to avoid any of these unfortunate circumstances.

How to Prevent Ponding

Roof maintenance is generally your best defense against this kind of issue. Make it a point to check every roof component for defects, damage or other minor problem. Do this on a regular basis so that you can adequately monitor the condition of your roof.

Ensure that there is positive drainage on your flat roof. No amount of water must be retained on the surface for 48 hours or more under dry conditions. Any neglect on your part can void your roofing warranty, so make sure your roofing gets all the care it needs.

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