What the BBB’s A+ Rating Means for Customers

The home improvement industry can be a competitive rating driven business. Therefore, it’s understandable if professionals are eager to prove that they’re trustworthy and reliable in order to get ahead of the competition. One way they can do this is by earning as many ratings as they can and one of the ratings that contractors seek to attain the most is the A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. But what exactly does this rating mean for customers?

In this article, the commercial roofing pros of Sully Jones Roofing reveal what the BBB’s A-plus rating means for customers.

BBB’s A+ Rating Means Customers

High-Quality Products

In order to attain the BBB’s A-plus rating, contractors must have a track record of providing homeowners with high quality products. This means that by hiring a contractor with an A-plus rating customers such as yourself will always receive the products of the best quality when revamping your home.

Outstanding Customer Service

Whether it’s for commercial or residential roof replacement projects, a contractor with an A-plus rating from the BBB will always strive to give customers nothing but the best when it comes to customer service. Otherwise, they’ll lose their A-plus rating from the BBB.

Reasonable Payment Terms

Any contractor who wants to retain the A-plus rating the BBB gave them will do their best to provide homeowners with quality service. This also means that they wouldn’t ask a customer for the full payment upfront. Instead, they’ll give you reasonable payment terms to ensure customer satisfaction.

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