Pro Roofer Inspection – What To Expect

Any commercial and residential roof should protect its occupants from any kind of unpredictable weather by conducting a regular inspection. To make sure that your roof is in its best condition, you need to have it periodically checked by commercial roofing contractors who can conduct a professional inspection. Doing this also helps check and repair any damage found during the inspection. To have a better understanding of how a professional contractor inspects your roof, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Pro Roofer Inspection


Structural Inspection – Your roof will be inspected for any visible signs of uneven roof planes and sagging. Masonry chimneys will be inspected for any sign of cracks, crumbling grout and other damage to their chimney caps. They’ll also take a closer look at the condition of the soffit, fascia and gutter system. Your roof’s interiors will be inspected as well, especially the attic’s ventilation. Any sign of improper venting can lead to heat and moisture buildup, which deteriorates the roof’s inner structure prematurely.

Material Inspection – This means your roof will be inspected for loose, missing, or curling shingles, as well as stains, rust, and moss and missing fasteners and flashing. If, for instance, some shingle aggregate is found settled in your roof’s valleys or on the ground at the bottom of the gutter downspouts, then it only means that your home needs a roof repair soon. The roof will also be checked for any gaps or weathering at the rubber boots and seals around the vent pipes.

Workmanship Inspection – Your roof will be examined for problems in workmanship that can potentially lead to possible roof damage, such as water leaks in the future. This includes inspecting whether the flashing around roof penetrations, especially on skylights, vent pipes and chimneys are properly installed. Any sign of improper installation can give way to unwanted water penetration and other issues, so it must be repaired immediately.

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