What You Need to Know About Drone Roof Inspections

Drone roof inspections are a relatively new technology. Drones let inspectors get imagery of the roof without having to send someone on the rooftop. In this post, residential and commercial roofing experts share the lowdown on drone roof inspections.

Drone Roof Inspections

Manual vs. Automated Drone Inspection

In manual drone inspection, a camera is attached to a drone and the drone is operated using a remote control. A better solution though is automated drone inspection. The drone with a camera is used with software that is specifically for roof inspections.

When the drone is launched, it automatically maps the roof and collects high-resolution images. All relevant data captured by the drone will be analyzed using an application.

Benefits of Automated Drone Roof Inspections

  • Improves the accuracy of rooftop measurements. Human errors in measuring can be avoided.

  • Safer as there is no or less need to do manual inspections.

  • Can get the data faster in a more cost-effective manner. Drone solutions are three times faster than traditional methods.

  • Most roof inspection applications can let you annotate the images captured by the drone.

  • The data captured by the drone can be used to generate useful 3D models.

  • Some apps can automatically detect damages on the roof that could be overlooked by the naked eye. This will facilitate immediate roof repair before the problems get worse.

  • You can use all the data captured by the drone to generate various types of reports.

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