Roofing – What You Need To Know


Roofing takes a wide variety of skills. There are also several specialty niches that can be explored, depending on a person’s desires. Here at Sully-Jones Roofing, we are ready to teach anyone who is interested in entering the roofing industry. However, there are some requirements for being a roofer. You need to be capable of hard, physical labor and you must be willing to learn. If you live in La Mesa, CA, and you are ready to enter the roofing industry, call us at (619) 444-0150.

Specialty Niches in Roofing

When talking about roofing, there are several specialty areas you should be aware of. For example, one specialty area is metal roofing. There is also leak repair – our training will help you see what others may miss. Flat roofing is a niche of its own. There are also other focused areas such as roof coating, roof inspections, residential buildings, and commercial buildings. All of these tasks require the appropriate training to perform them correctly. It may be tempting to think that you can just pick up a hammer and start working, but there is much more to it.

Diving Deeper Into the Requirements


Being a roofer is physically demanding. You are out in the elements year-round for hours at a time. You must also be mentally strong, as your mind has the power to motivate you or make you give up. The other crew members may joke around with you, but this is to test you. The correct focus and drive to be a roofer will give you the motivation you need to endure the first few months as your body gets used to the labor. You also need to be teachable. This means you need to ignore your ego and pay attention to the training. Do not be afraid to ask questions, because there is plenty of room to grow. Once training is over, it is time to start using what you have learned. We will set you up with a coach to keep you on task as well as ensure you are performing the job correctly. Once you have completed this, you will then be allowed to work on your own.

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Roofing is an industry with many opportunities to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones. Do you live in or near La Mesa, CA? Call Sully-Jones Roofing to enter the roofing business. Our contact number is (619) 444-0150.