KEE Hybrid Roof – What You Need to Consider

With the demand in commercial roofing ever increasing with the improved performance of thermoset and thermoplastic roof membranes, researchers and chemists have continued to evolve and advance their technologies and capabilities, which is where KEE Hybrid Roof comes in. Although there have been improvements in the performance of both TPO and PVC roofing, KEE is indisputably the highest-performing thermoplastic roof membrane on the market.

KEE Hybrid Roof

The Emergence of the KEE Membrane


TPO’s heat-welded seams have served as the usual enhancement over the glue adherence in most EPDM systems. However, TPO tends to deteriorate poorly over time, which earned a reputation for premature deterioration and failure. Soon, the development of roof systems progressed with the advent of the fire and chemical-resistant properties of PVC. Although these advances proved to be advantageous, TPO and PVC roofing materials still had their limits.


While PVC is a membrane that’s serviceable, it’s a rigid material that has to be modified with liquid plasticizers in order to be flexible and manageable. Over time, the liquid plasticizers dissipate and evaporate, which eventually leads to the membrane drying, cracking and becoming more vulnerable to leaks and roof repair in some cases. To solve this, Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE) was introduced as an improvement over the traditional liquid plasticizers in PVC.


KEE Roofing Systems and How They Work


KEE is a high molecular-weight polymer additive that provides several performance benefits to the PVC that regular liquid plasticizers don’t offer. Not only does KEE improve the roofing membrane’s quality, but it also improves the overall roof’s efficiency properties. In fact, KEE is the only thermoplastic membrane that can be installed and adhered with asphalt.


Because of its enhanced resistance to dirt retention, KEE retains reflectivity longer than its thermoplastic counterparts, which also decreases energy costs. So when properly installed, KEE can also provide the following benefits:


  • Resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Flexibility for decades
  • Resistance to tears and punctures
  • Can withstand severe weather


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