When to Use Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings offer a number of benefits, which can ultimately help prolong the life of your roofing. However, there are also instances when these coatings may not be as effective as you need.



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In this post, roof repair expert Sully Jones Roofing discusses the best conditions for using commercial roof coatings. We also share more information on two types of coatings that you can use for these circumstances.


When to Use Roof Coatings


Roofing professionals usually recommend commercial roof coatings for the following purposes:


  • To reflect damaging UV rays away from the roof’s membrane and therefore help extend the roof’s life span

  • To replace deteriorated coatings

  • To restore a roof to a watertight, waterproof condition

  • To improve fire resistance

  • To reduce cooling costs with the help of reflective coatings

  • To improve the appearance of visible roofs


Meanwhile, coatings are not appropriate to be used for commercial roofing if:


  • The roof is already in need of replacement

  • The roof is prone to ponding

  • The location experiences excessive dust, steam, dirt and debris


Elastomeric Coatings


Elastomeric coatings are designed to be stretchy, allowing them to adapt to changing temperatures and environmental conditions. Typically, these coatings are made from materials like latex, neoprene, acrylic, silicone or urethane. They are also ideal for metal and polyurethane foam roofs. Their advantages include flexibility, resistance to dirt and moisture protection.


Emulsion Coatings


Emulsion coatings are made from a mix of bitumen and water, which is stabilized by an emulsifying agent for uniform bitumen dispersion. These coatings are well-known for their superior protective properties, fire resistance and suitability to asphalt build-up or modified bitumen roofing.


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