Why Does Your Overhangs Need Soffits?

Most homes have roofs with overhangs. These overhangs are part of the design but not just for aesthetic reasons. Overhangs protect siding, windows and exterior doors from precipitation, as well as from excessive and direct heat from the sun.


A roof’s overhangs are made up of several parts, and one of them is the soffit. Soffits are what you see if you’re standing outside your door and looking up. They are the material residential roof replacement contractors place between the eaves and the exterior wall. In most cases, soffits look like the home’s exterior siding.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Soffits?

Soffits are not particularly expensive, but the price of your soffits depends on the size of your roof and how deep its overhangs are. The intricacies of your home design also play a part in determining the cost of soffit installation.

Other factors to consider include the type of material you choose, the quality of workmanship the contractor is known for, and the dominant prices for soffit materials at the time. As most commercial buildings are bigger than houses, the owner of the building is likely to spend more on soffits when they install a commercial roofing system.

Does My Home Really Need Soffits?

If your roof has overhangs, you definitely need soffits. Most soffits are used as passive vents for the attic. They will protect your attic from warm moisture, which can encourage the growth of mold.

Without soffits, your roof overhangs will be open country for animals such as rats, bats and birds. You don’t want these animals nesting in your roofing system and creating problems. Aside from possibly damaging electrical systems and causing noise, their presence will make your indoor air unhealthy.

How Can I Take Care of My Soffits?

To protect your soffits from damage, make sure they are caulked and sealed. If you find any mildew on your soffits, use a water-bleach solution and a soft brush to remove it. Check your gutters for cleanliness and correct sizing, as well as proper installation. Inspect them also for animal nests.

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