Why Hot Weather Is a Problem for Commercial Roofs

Low-sloped commercial roofs tend to be more leak-prone than residential roofing systems. That’s because water can pond on flat surfaces, increasing the risk of leaks. Not to mention low-sloped commercial roofs are more exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays (hot weather), thanks to their low slope.

Aside from ponding water and UV damage, there’s also the issue of hot weather. Here’s why hot weather is a problem for commercial roofs:

Problem for Commercial Roofs Hot Weather

Thermal Movement

Abrupt changes in the temperature can cause thermal movement in your roofing membranes. As temperatures rise and fall, different parts of your commercial roof expand and contract. Over time, repeated contractions and expansions may create fractures and open up gaps in fatigued roofing membranes.

Your commercial roof’s susceptibility to thermal movement depends on several factors, which will include the type of roofing membrane installed and its age. Over time, roofing membranes will lose their elasticity and become more vulnerable to cracks and fractures. That’s why if you have an aging roof, it makes more financial sense to get a commercial and residential roof replacement.

Dislodged Flashing

Your roof’s flashing (the thin pieces of metal covering roof joints) is its weakest point. Prolonged exposure to the elements can loosen your roof’s flashing over time. However, the risk of dislodged roof flashing is higher in summer, thanks to moisture build-up and high temperatures. Both these factors create an environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for mold, which could start to grow in your flashing.

To prevent mold growth and other common commercial roofing issues, you should have a commercial roofing contractor clear the drainage system and inspect your commercial roofing system at least twice a year.

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