Avoid Roof Stacking: Here’s Why

Many homeowners prefer to perform a re-roof or overlay because it’s significantly cheaper than a full tear-off. However, nailing new shingles over your old ones isn’t exactly the best idea. In fact, it comes with a few drawbacks, including failing to address a host of roofing issues such as leaks.

New Roof

In this blog, roof repair and replacement contractor Sully-Jones Roofing reveals the reasons why installing new shingles over old ones should be avoided as much as possible.

  • It won’t address leaks. A roof overlay won’t get rid of leaks, and can even further conceal the problem due to the multiple layers of shingles sitting on your roof. Water can also seep between the layers and materialize in other spots, which makes patching difficult to carry out.

  • It will add unnecessary weight to your roof. Placing another layer of heavy shingles on your roof ultimately adds weight to the top of your house, potentially reducing its structural strength. Also, the new shingles will absorb more heat, which wears down the new shingles than if they were installed on wood sheathing.

  • It will lower the resale value of your home. Choosing a re-roof instead of a proper residential roof replacement can decrease the overall value of your home. If your roof needs to be restored and you’re planning to put your property up for sale in the near future, a complete tear-off is the better choice for optimal resale value.

  • It will eventually require a replacement. Since a roof that has been re-roofed is more susceptible to storm blow-off than a newly replaced one, you’re more likely to need your roof replaced in a few years. This means double the labor and, of course, costs.

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